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>> dan: good evening. we're beginning to begin with two train derailments in central california. a big rig collided with a freight train.
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17 miles south of that site a few hours later 30 people were hurt when a ever big rig slammed into an amtrak train headed from oaklando bersfie. >> rorter:witness tol ch officershat the ossing arms were down when a big rig plowed into a train on monday. they heard a loud boom before people went flying. >> for a second, this is a hell of a way to go out in a medication like this. i got to the top, car started t ti over. >> this is reality but it was shaking and shutering and people knew something was wrong. >> reporter: passengers say the train starred brake go hard before it derailed. it was known as cotton tracks and covered passengers. sound startled passengers. >> i had to grab the rails and
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big bang, cars flying over. they came and told us we need to get ot. it' uncle how fast the traiwasravelg but it tk verahundrefeet for it to finally stop. he witnessed the accident and he said it glide order one wheel before it tipped over. >> i saw people with broken arms and broken legs, babies looking like dirt balls. dirt in tir ear chp officials sa the big rig iver an seven passenrs wer all taken to t hospital. theyre in go condition. investigators say the passengers injured range in age from 3 months old to the elderly. >> dan: literally we heard of sad news in san mateo. they found one of two fishermen
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that went missing yesterday. it happened off the san mateo coastline. 18 foot boat was a mile offshore when it was hit by a big wave and flipped over. two survivors made it to the shore and did phone for help. the two men presumed dead were not wearing life jackets. relatives town the body on a nearby beach. two people were hurt after a crash crashed into the zen restaurant in pleasant hill. they are expected to be okay. the restaurant is shut down unti furth ntice. >> in the nohay,a fire temporarily closed highway 116 as flames raced through grassland and burned a home. they are interviewing a driver of a truck that backfired and possibly started the fire. that is the suspicion. >> police are calling it a case of potential domestic terrori, somee set fire to the private law office of vmz's mayor over
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the weekend. we obtained video inside the office and carolyn tyler with the latest on the investigation. >> the attempt to intimidate or to instill fear has failed. repoer: vallejo mayor cas the tchinof his law ofce malicious and cowardly act. fire occurred around 1:30 saturday morning leaving the building of burned out a shell. accos this is the latest in a string of attacks. at this office and at his home, including someone breaking windows, dumping trash and stealing his motorcycle from city hall. >> i will say that the number of acts of vandalism i have been subjected to over the recent past causes me to believe that this incident is related to my position as mayor and not as my position as an attorney. >> reporter: neither the mayor nor investigators will publicly speculate about why he is being targeted. davis has recently been
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confronted with anger over several officer involved shootings in the city and he last called on the attorney general to investigate. residents supported him. >> i think he is resilient. i am hoping things will go well. >> i think it's unfortunate that criminal elements is running rampant in our city. >> the whole city, it's about safety. >> they have provided extra security for davis and his family. the lieutenant in charge of the investigation says the possibility of domestic terrorism has not been ruled out. >> it's serious. any time you have violence against someone in public office, that is serious. >> davis says he doesn't fear for his safety and told me he considers it a bump in the load. a diversion. >> mr. mayor, to know that someone is out to get you has to be unsettling at the least? >> it is. it's part of the territory.
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>> evidence from the fire is being sent to the bureau of alcohol, firearms. it's the 1st of october and feels like the first of june where spencer tells me it is 75 degrees in the city right now. earlier today people in richmo kept cl by finding shade at keller beach park. at san francisco's aquatic park the waters were just right to find relief. it's remarkable. >> very hot all around the bay area. it's now 73. look at some of the high temperatures, numerous triple-digit reads, 100 at santa cruz and 100 at napa.
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102 in cloverdale. numerous 99's and these are hot. one record, contentfield at 97 degrees broke its record for this date. i'll give you a look at conditions right now and tell you what is coming up tomorrow. >> dan: a big scare in downtown san mateo, big scare over a little misunderstanding. it happened while a man was driving to work on fourth street wearing a costume that sent police into full on response mode. david louie explains why. >> what would you think if you saw someone dressed like in this going down the street? he was on his way to work at a san mateo costume shop after police stopped him after several people called 911. >> we were supposed to wear costumes to greet customers. >> reporter: he was also wearing
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a pineapple grenade on his neck. bomb squad determined and determined it was inert but still police confiscated it. >> they intimidate people. somebody h callethe police depament tolethem kw abouwhat wog o. >> repter: he ll he appearncour next month. e manager at the pty and toy store he was supposed to dress in costume for work but used bad judgment. >> he had poor judgment as he was driving to work. i think it's pretty funny he got pulled over for it. >> can you imagine the reaction he was getting? >> pretty much and grenade and gas mask while driving, yes, probably freaked out. >> he was supposed to be waving his sign to get people in the store but he alarmed people and learned a lesson. >> i knew it was going to attract people's attention but
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to be that worried to call 911. >> they did put out an important warning, be careful as you choose your hloween costumes to try to remember some of these weapons can be realistic looking. it's hard for the police and public to know whether they are fake or real. >> dan: albany middle school teacher arrested last week on lewd conduct charge is dead tonight. they are investigating the death now of him as possible suicide. 28-year-old sixth grade teacher was arrested last week as we reported to you on suspicion of performing of lewd act on a person under 14. he the was administrative lve from the school since his arrest last week. amerin rlinesays it will insctight planes he a loose seats were pound on two different planes in the last two days. it has forced the planes to land under mysterious circumstances.
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jim avila has the story. >> reporter: what can i do for you? >> we have unusual one for you. >> reporter: no one can remember this happening before. passengers were so rattled they didn't want to be identified. >> seat slipped backwards and people were essentially on the laps of the passengers with their legs up in the air. >> not aviation experts. >> i've never seen anything like that in all my 30 years. >> no one can remember airline seats disconnecting from the cabin floor. now it's happened twice. >>rows of passeereatsame loosout ofhe foor. american airlines flight 685 in boston to miami diverted in mid-flight, declaring an
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emergency and landed at j.f.k. in new york because a row of seats had disengaged from its rail on nearly a full flight. one of displaced passengers is moved to a jump seat but fearing turbulence en route, he decides to land before the loose role becomes a missile. >> we don't want that flying around and hurting people. >> today a second american flight from j.f.k. to miami turned back after takeoff because of loose seems. elevating american's struggles from inconvenience to safety concerns. >> i think it could be sabotage or just be sloppiness. but even way, its disaster for the airlines. >> dan: strange. a lot more to bring you this monday. trial begins for an accused killer, lawyers says gi giselle esteban that killed michelle le but it was not murder.
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jerry brown paves the way for undocumented immigrants treated drive. >> one is to score. a's lead and cutter goes to third. >> so far so good. a's score first in the game against the texas range. against the texas range. larry beil has [ male announcer ] jay likes it when his mobile phone helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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makes it ea fornne to mage herinans when s's othe go en wheshs not going anhere.
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citibank foripad. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> dan: big surise i an eas y urtrm. lawyer for a nursing student admitted the killing but not the crime. >> the attorney told an oakland jury that his client killed michelle le but it wasn't first or secondly degree murder the attorney said, qte, ihen mielleie gelle d not act out o delibation but out of extraordinary provocation and heat of passion. they say the killing of le came after years of esteban believing that she was threat to her relationship with her former boyfriend the father of her six-year-old girl. le's family sat across the aisle in esteban in court.
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>> the hope is to have justice, we'll never get her back. >> le's remains were found in a remote area fourmont after she disappeared from thearki garage of kaiser hospital in may of 2011. in court they showed photos of bloodstains inside the car and floor of the parking garage and the d.a. said esteban dna were also found inside le's car. when images of skeletal remains, le's family members and friends begin to cry. father of missing teen sierra lamar was in cour to show suppor how difficult is i to watch me othose images up there on the screen? >> yeah. >> the boyfriend at the center of this. he testified that in the months before michelle le disappeared, he recorded phone conversations and in person conversations with
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giselle esteban that was obsessed with michelle. we heard one of those conversations six months before she disappeared. you hear estebanaying, you deserve r youriesnd so does she. you ca ke that to your grave. testimony resumes tomorrow. >> dan: state agencies will not be banned from disrupting cellphone service without a court order. the governor vetoed a bill that directed at bart that cut service in downtown stations in disruptive protests. to get a court order could tie their hands in a true emergency. >> thousands of illegal immigrants can apply for a california driver's license. the governor has signed the bill allowing the right to drive to anybody that qualifies for the program. california is the first state to allow this.
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immigrant advocates say the governor didn't go far enough because he vetoed measures expanding the rights tonannies and hous cleaners. let's talkbout the weaer on this hot day. we wted to she you cool ctures. our photographer got this shot of dolphins. that is eight miles north of half moon bay. dpol dolphins seem to enjoy riding waves at the beach. >> it's a way to cool off. they don't have to wear ties either. [ laughter ] >> spencer christian does. >> still pretty wa all around the bay areafterhis hot day. heat is holding on. high definition mount tam looking down at the city by the bay. i'm looking at a different monitor. i'm looking at the monitor i'm supposed to but things are
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looking calm. still warm. live doppler 7 hd and the are w clouds o fog ywhe nea th cotlin we h clear skiesll theay ross theay area and still warm. 73 degrees in san francisco. 82 in 88 in antioch. so the heat is holding on. the forecast highlhts, clear and mild tonight. very mild, warm and hot again tomorrow. much cooler at the beginning of the week on wednesday. water and vapor satellite, it's pulling away from us allowing a big ridge of high pressu to dominate f one moreay. it loolike one moreay. we'll start our animation 5:00 tomorrow morning, it will be clear. no clouds near the coast. sunny skies coast to inhidden and see temperatures in a similar range, 70s on the coast
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and 80s to 90s around the bay and triple digits once again in many inland location. weesday starting at 50 wednesday moing. early morninhours, fog will rge up the coastline and midday bringing it's cooling influence with it. as the fog surges northward we'll see temperatures will drop and moderate. overnight, still pretty mild to warm with lows ranging from upper 50s to mid 60s. it won't be very cool overnight and tomorrow will be another hot day in the south bay. lookor sunny skies withhighs inhe mid0s. on theeninsu, 89n san mate 92 in redwoo city and pal alto. mid 70s around the coast. downtown san francisco, 85 tomorrow. up in the north bay, numerous mid to upper 90s, hundred in cloverdale. east bay highs, 90 in oakland and 91 in san leandro, inland east bay will sizzle close to
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hundreds. monterey bay, 9 at watsville. 0 ailroy. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast, notice the coming begins on wednesday and then we'll have further cooling as we head 'into the weekend. by the time sunday rolls around, inland highs low 70s and upper 50s to about 60 at the coast. now, what would you do with $49,000? win big with abc7 and find out. we are giving away $49,000 and all of our facebook friends are eligible. so sbrer enter our sweepstakes, go to and click the win button. that will take you to the page where you can fill out the entry form. we'll announce the winner on the 18th after the game. >> dan: i like it but we're
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ineligible. it is never too early to plan for the weekend. fleet week is just one of several big events in the ba area this weekend. we'll have
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>> dan: this is busy week in san francisco, it includes the america's cup regatta, hardly strikingly bluegrass festival and fleet week. mark matthews as a look what is going on. >> reporter: blue angels are cong for fleet week. they will dr a big crowd, along with ships and sailors from around the world. >> seeing the blue angels fry and practice and parade of ships that we have. >> the mayor launched fleet week
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to coincide with a free music concert that is hardly strictly festival in golden gate park. maybe not so coincidentally with america's cup world series which will have its largest u.s. audience, racing in the bay while the air show go overad. and kelihood that the ants will be in tn for fir of eir ayoff game the is mo. >> tres so much happening. with the heritage festival and oracle. >> michael pace is manager of the hotel next to the convention 50,000 just for that. wednesday night, pearl jam plays their party on treasure island. it means more people in town, businesses are up, cabbies aren't complaining. >> niners have a home game.
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so does stanford. >> this will probably be the best week at sir atlanta system drake. >> he compares it to the a superbowl. every part of the tourist business he is gearing up to take advantage which starts off in beautiful fashion. >> it's very wonderful, yes. >> it's like this all the time here? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: having fun with the tourists and they are in for a lot of fun if they stick around this week. >> dan: we're glad they are here. we have complete guide on online to this event. go to abc7newsom and click on see it on tv for information on where to go and how to get there. there are resources to help you avoid the traffic jams in and around the city. coming up next. diaper shortage. why some parents may want to
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stock up now. plus.... >> it was sad it had n been tohed for yars. >>heebihf vant s frcisco chches but theare t ples worship anymore. and overseas a mcist packed with explosives underscores a
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>> dan: a suicide bomber ran a motorcycle into a joint patrol on monday killing 14 people including three americans. the deaths mean that more than 2,000 u.s. troops have now died in combat there. here is the longest war entering its 12th year with a grim
9:32 pm
milestone. >> reporter: there is not one face to this grim milestone. there are 2,000. americans who gave their lives in this nation's longest war. soldiers like lieutenant alayo thompson, husband and father of two who was killed last may by an afghan soldiere was mentoring, a so called sider atta. traveled escene t witnessed the attack. it's the first eyewitness account of the attack. >> woke up heard gunshots being firing. the shooter actually walked up to the lieutenant and shot him a second time. >> the killer escaped after the attack and in this taliban video is being shown given a hero's welcome. now the men who trust each other with their lives wrestle with
9:33 pm
it. >> we don't trust them. we don't want to be around them, but to overcome that, we have to look at it as a mission. >> but for the troops there is worry. uneasiness is part of the mission and will be until the last american troops leave afghanistan in 2014. the sound of a little test fire catches everyone's ear. >> despite this new threat american soldiers say they will press on to honor the fallen but this next year of the war most critical phase so far. >> dan: hundreds of protestors at a u.s. military base in japan today. >> they are demonstrating the transfer of six osprey aircraft
9:34 pm
to okinawa. they are concerned about the safety ofhe aircraft. in tes flightsn regular flights the ospreyhas crashed seven times killing three dozen pele. >> there is concern about a worldwide shortage of diapers after an explosion shut down a japanese factory over the weekend. it makes one fifth of the supply of an ingredient to make them. in last 20 years, some of san francisco's biggest and oldest churches have closed their doors. it has left the structures ety tilow. ther habeen a spa of renovation. as carolyn tyler explains, don't expect those places of wore slip to be open once again to churchgoers. >> people once filled the pews
9:35 pm
at st. joseph's south of market neighborhood at the church. >> i know people that grew up and also buried at church. >> today it is empty. now just another big empty san francisco church in need of a new life. >> i thought it was so amazing, but it was sad that it had not been touched for 25 years. >> rick bought the nearly building three years ago. he is working with a developer to remake this hifk landmark. st. joseph's was closed after the 1989 loma prieta earthquake. >> what we decided to do is approve it as an office building. >> it's 22,000 square foot of office space and restaurant. the building will be broad up to modern codes. cost is what keeping churches
9:36 pm
from beiestored. >> to rehabilitate a building is abou $17-19 million. >> st. joseph's is numberof one of buildings all over the city they hope can be saved. >> a building like that removes it from the vacant width that creates activity within a community. it's far more valuable be lie vacant. >> this was built back in 1915. it's an iorta arctectal landma. >> this isne of two wood-flamed domes in the city of san francisco. >> they are planning to change it to four residential units. >> there will be three multiresidential units on the ground floor and one unit up here. >> makes fought the building
9:37 pm
from being torn down. >> we prer to stay as a church but the congregation couldn't afford to maintain the building but they had no choice. >> there is a plan to convert the church into homes. less than a block away he restored another church turning it into a multimillion dollar home. >> he put in a beautiful kitchen. when we turn this in classrooms. >> when the property did not sell as a home private children's day school bought it to convert into a middle school for 180 students. castle like arkansas tech to your will remain untouched -- architecture will remain untouched. >> in san francisco i would say the majority of churches is probably worth saving. >> but should everyone be saved? that is the question being asked mere on larkin street.
9:38 pm
it's falling apart. what hasn't rotted has been vandalized. >> three or four engineers said it is unsafe. >> it closed nine years when the congregation shrank to a dozen people. the church turned to a developer. totaling they plan to tear it down and build 27 units of housing. >> this is all vandalism. >> but the city is making it tough. last month officials rejected the plan saying it would result in the demolition of an historic source. institutn suld ha a right to u and dispose of their property. >> the church is appealing the decision. >> dan: still to come, "7 on your side" michael finney has the story of an amazing comeback.
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introducing a stunning work of technology. ♪ introducing the entirely new lexus es. and e first ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. >> dan: we've heard so much about the little league team from petaluma. fantastic story but what you may not know there is another boy's team that made it to its own world series. its team that overcame great diversity >> reporter: it was heartache in mudville the last time we visited san jose's am. hundreds of kids were abou to begin new season of basall en they fod outll their money was gone. >> we got common reaction.
9:43 pm
>> the company was counted me in. of bellevue washington. hundreds of families paid but count me in kept the funds, then went bankrupt. >> thats at is sad abou this itstaki away fomids. >>t washuge loss,30,0, go. no money forid, no money forum peirs or uniforms, threatening a 30-year tradition of pony baseball in blossom valley except the families did not give up. the families contacted "7 on your side". i reported about tir plht and t community stepped up to the plate. >> everybody contributes and volunteers, that the strength of the league. >> they are not going to let the league go under. >> volunteers fixed up the fields and coached the team. now, three years later, an
9:44 pm
amazing come back. >> the all-star team went to the pony league world series this summer and they won it all. this home video provided by parents says it all. >> first time in 40 years an a team from here has won the world series. >> it was sweeter when the giants honored the team at at&t park. each received a signed baseball from matt cane. >> it was just a great experience. our coaches say we earned it. we really did. >> these boys were just five or six years old when the league lost all that money. parents say it brought them knew
9:45 pm
strength. >> our whole league was bummed out but then it was okay, now it's time to rebuild. >> every weekend they are working out there. whethe umpiring games. >> and they won 20 straight games before they defeated the puerto rican treatment to win the world series title. >> the boys kept the league gognd cham three yes ago opened waitor tse gu t shouut. michael finney, 7 on your side. >> dan: how great is that. boosting productivity is optimizing work flows but japan says one of these images may do
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the trick.
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>> dan: look at this. london's pal at turned pink tonight. home for british monarch is one of nine land marks changing color in support of breast cancer research. one of them is white house. president ama marked the start of octob, by encouraging americans to join in activities dedicated to raising awareness of this disease. a quarter of million american women were diagnosed with breast cancer last year. let's go back and update the weather forecast. as you know it is hot outside. >> if you enjoyed today's weather, tomorrow's weather should be good. 75 at half moon bay and 85 in
9:50 pm
san francisco and upper 90s and low hundreds inland. 101 at livermore. 100 at cloverdale. numerous 90s, similar readings at watsonvillend 99 morgan hill. 101 in hollister. don't forget the america's cup races this week, tomorrow's practice run begins at 4:00 p.m. sunny skies, winds around ten knots, temperatures will drop from 74 to 46. and huge cool down beginning on wednesday but one more day to sweat it out. >> dan: not a lot of wind on the water? >> ten knots, 13 miles an hour. if you want to be more productive at work. they have a suggestion. look at these baby animals like the kitten in the middle. when participants looked at food
9:51 pm
like french-fries, their brains didn't perform any better. but if they looked at puppy their mood is more slow and smooth and it seems to translate to the job. >> you are under the incorrect premise i wanted to be more productive at work? i've never found that t be.... [ laughter ] >> anyway, a's trying to lock up a playoff spot instead of serving champagne, it is hot coco tonight. coco crisp. coco crisp[ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male anuncer ] t wirelesseceiver. on froat&t-verse. gea fr wirelesreceer th a qlifyg u-versplan. rhink posble. >> dan: coming up at 11:00, two churches and business attacked at north bay, the device somebody used to started the fires and holiday job rush is about to begin. whatou can expect at the
9:55 pm
hiring office. larry beil is here watching a very important thing. >> i believe i misspoke. what i meant to say i only wish could be more productive everyday. all right. [ laughter ] >> iknow. i know. cmpag is on ice and wh crm pies waiti, as well. all the a's have to do is win one more game and still win the als title. drummer is out and 21,000 at coliseum tonight. josh reddick singles up the middle. that would be productive. rangers respond in the fourth, pesky michael young take parker's pitch gone. two-run shot and then in the fifth, chris sends one to left center field. adam who doubled earlier, he
9:56 pm
scores. still in the fifth, brandon moss coco is going to test the arm of josh hamilton and he is safe. that made it 4-2. texas is added run and a's are holding on 4-33 in the eighth. >> -- 4-3 in the eighth. >> matted cane was named opening starter. buster posey, double to the ball on left. m scout execute will score. giants on top 1-0, dodgers trying to hang on to a sli wildcard eighthnning,lutchingle le. aganurns on t jetsnde scores easily to tie it at 2. that is where we are right now. 2-2 ninth zbling 49ers crushed the jets, 34-0 and jim
9:57 pm
harbaugh's staff out coached them. they out-tebowed the team that has tim. look at the blocking here. fantastic job and smarts to g down. under two minutes. keep the clock running. harbaugh likes what he sees in him. >> he has a stiff jaw and goes about working every day. he is prepared to play. >> he comes from a great team approach and he is ready. raiders have a bye this weekend. they were shredded by peyton manning, 37-6. raiders were in the game and then got swallowed in the crush. broncos reeled off 21 points.
9:58 pm
503 yards of offense on the day. they have issues on offense, defense and special teams. >> we have to take a good hard look at ourselves. we need to make sure we can do everything we can to give ourselves to be special. i think we all make mistakes in this business but we need to learn from them. that is part of what this bye week is all about. coaches and players we need to get better this week. >> monday night football, cowboys hosting the bears, he airs it out to wide open devin high hester, nice move. see ya! bears on top, 17-7. moments late henry gets him o ball right to thehands of lance. heoes 74ards. romo picked off five times. bears win 34-18. the warriors open training camp
9:59 pm
tomorrow. today they met the media. golden contend for a playoff spot. bogen is coming ck from foot and elbow injuriesnd is anous to get back on th court. >> i'm kind of itching to do a little rehab. all andrew bogen wants is to be producve. they need him to be healthy and hopefully he will. >> dan: what a tough time for the raiders. thanks very much. this that is this edition of abc7 news for spencer christian and larry beil, i'm n ashley. we appciate your time. hope to se you o
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